Month: October 2012

working together

today winni and I were both ‘off sick’. A lot of hours to fill… I wanted to do some painting but I knew I had no chance if winni got even a whiff that I was trying to do something. So we got the paints out together and set up the table as a shared space and to start with we both worked on our own. Then winni decided she wanted to copy my painting and I decided I wanted to copy hers and she quite liked that idea. We got 2 new sheets of paper and sat opposite each other. I followed her lead and this is what we got to. It was a great thing to do. Apart from Winni enjoying being in charge, it was interesting slowing right down and trying to copy her mark making; applying the same pressure, moving the paintbrush in the same way and so on. It wasn’t at all easy and I had to hold my paintbrush in a different way to try and mess up my own habitual ways. I felt like we connected and while she did all the thinking and choosing the painting time went on much longer than it normally would. Big achievements!