Month: September 2016

Yoga and teenagers

Over the last couple of years I have become more and more interested in how I can bring yoga together with my art therapy practice. I have started to do some yoga training and to explore how yoga and art therapy can complement each other.

Next week I am going to do a Complete Yoga Alliance accredited 5 day course with Charlotta Martinus from Teen Yoga. Empowering teens through yoga and mindfulness including the latest neuroscience, mindfulness research and disciplinary techniques. I wonder if this will be the beginning of something new for me!? It will build on my previous training in 2015; Yoga for neurodevelopmental differences with Dr Lucy Clarke introducing yoga and mindfulness for people with Autism and ADHD and the Special Yoga Foundation training, Getting Started Teaching yoga and mindfulness to teens.

Perhaps someday I’ll be running one to one and group yoga sessions which includes art therapy to help young people relax, focus and concentrate. Supporting them to develop self awareness and a positive relationship with themselves starting with compassion and acceptance. I really believe art therapy and yoga together can offer something innovative and positive to young people as they navigate their way through times of anxiety, stress and confusion and start to build a stronger sense of self and find ways to express themselves creatively without judgement and fear.

Bring it on!