Month: September 2019

Art Therapy Group Royal Alex

Art Therapy Group

Wednesdays 4.30-6p.m.

The art therapy group is at the Royal Alex, term time only, 4.30-6p.m. on Wednesdays. A friendly, relaxed space for 12-16 yr olds living with an ongoing medical condition to meet up and make art. Maximum of 6 young people attend the group.

“The group offers emotional and social support and enables young people to tell their story using art materials; and to explore and share experiences and difficulties living with illness” (Saskia, Art Therapist).

Art therapy provides a safe, supportive space to think about feelings and experiences. Sometimes we do that by talking and other times by painting, drawing or using clay etc. You don’t need to be any good at art and you don’t have to use art materials if you don’t feel like it. It’s your choice.

“Making what you want how you want, with what you want”

“Don’t feel as alone – feel like someone understands me”

“We had the same perspective, we could talk about anything”

(young people talk about the benefits of the art therapy group)

Saskia Neary runs the group. She is an Art Psychotherapist with a background in children’s rights and youth participation. You can find out more about her here:

If you want to find out more about the art therapy group or have any questions please call or email Saskia: 07787610911 or and she can arrange to meet up with you and have a chat  about the group.

“Letting it out – your mind can run freely”