Month: December 2012

making stuff for christmas

Lots of hearts this year. I never get bored of making hearts and I like having them around me. I guess it keeps me in touch with human emotion and reminds me how important love, passion and creativity are in my life. At the moment compassion is also a bit of a theme and my hearts remind me to extend compassion to myself and others…I have many people in mind as I make them and am reminded of the importance of nurturing strong relationships in our lives that sustain us. Happy Xmas!

lady in my fire

I made this figure a while ago and recently I found her buried in the fireplace. I am not sure how she got there but she reminded me of the victorian shoe we found as kids bricked into the fireplace in Saxtead. I imagine it was for good luck or superstition and was intended to keep the house safe and to ward of bad spirits. This is how I think about my figure and her baby bringing creativity to our home and holding a warm and precious space.