Time to get started (again!)

Earlier this year I finished a two year part time Art Foundation. I submitted a sketchbook, reflections diary and several nearly finished paintings. It was all OK- but not great and I got a pass. The thing is, I had a baby (first time) in March and it was a real challenge to adapt to all that goes with becoming a mum and to somehow retain enough energy and focus to see the final major project of my Art Foundation through. There is a lot to say about this but there is something specific to start with. Both at the time and on reflection – I felt very sure that having this major project to finish in such a short space of time as well as having a new baby kept me sane. It suited my temperament and ensured that I had neither the time nor the spare energy to become preoccupied with worrying thoughts in relation to my new daughter. I took becoming a new mum in my stride (in many ways!) and adapted quickly to whatever came my way as well as keeping my focus on the art and motivation high enough to use all spare minutes to draw and paint.

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