S’not bad. S’all right.

With Louise Bourgeois as a starting point, I am trying to find out more about her fabric figures and how to make one myself out of old baby grows. I started to look at how parts of the body can be broken up to make a pattern. After a visit to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood I have been searching for doll patterns to see how others had solved this problem. I have used wire (galvanised and silver plaited) to make small figures and want to see how various materials lend themselves to exploring ideas in relation to pregnancy, birthing and motherhood. My dad kindly invested in a large amount of clay and built a clay bed to try out casting figures in plaster. I have great plans for creating an interesting maybe life size sculpture – but that’s probably just too ambitious. Especially since I can’t even do a few drawings in a sketchbook and would rather sit here writing about it than get on and do it.

The process I fall back on which was established during the last couple of projects I did at college is; taking lots of photos, drawing from photos to work out composition and then painting from the photo usually on A1 size grey card. Painting gives way to charcoal and chalk as I try to find the line, and pick out the important shapes. S’not bad. S’all right.

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