NEW yoga group at the Royal Alex


Yoga Group NEW ***

Tuesdays 10.00-11.00

Weekly yoga sessions at the Royal Alex. Offering a safe and effective way to very gently explore physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance and to help with stress and anxiety. This group will support young people to develop resilience and their own tools for self-care. For young people. Maximum 5 places

A calm, relaxing, comfortable space for you, a chance to meet other young people, no expectations to do anything. Join in when and if you choose to. Term time only.

There will be a diverse group of young people with different bodies and minds. All are patients at RACH who have ongoing health conditions. The yoga will be adapted specifically to suit your needs in the group.

Feeling effective as a young person living with illness depends on a capacity to draw upon your own resources. Yoga can help to support you to develop practical tools for resilience; to calm anxiety, to manage stress and pain, to connect with a stronger sense of self and build confidence in your abilities to flourish. Yoga can nurture optimal growth and development on a physical and psychological level. Yoga also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps develop the immune system.

A weekly yoga session will include: 

Breathwork – looking at how we breathe to help feel grounded and calm in mind and body – this helps to reduce anxiety. 

Knowledge – Understanding what’s happening in the body when we get stressed or anxious and the benefits of yoga for the mind and body based on ideas from neuroscience. Learning and practicing a few simple yoga postures that can be used at home that will help let go of stress and anxiety.


Questions you may have: Will I be able to manage this physically? Will it  make me worse? I might feel exhausted after? Who else will be there?

If you are interested but first want to ask some questions please contact Saskia Neary on 07887610911 or Saskia has trained with Universal Yoga (200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance accredited) and The Teen Yoga Foundation (Complete Yoga Alliance TeenYoga teacher training). ( See for details.

Art Therapy and Yoga Group

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