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Straight talk on mental health medication. HeadMeds gives young people in the United Kingdom general information about medication. HeadMeds does not give you medical advice. Please talk to your Doctor or anyone else who is supporting you about your own situation because everyone is different.

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people

A mass movement of young people raising awareness and creating change around mental health.

We have 1500 young people working as activists and helping to create conversation online

  • We have a load of media champions representing the campaign, getting it out into the media and acting as a voice for all  children and young people
  • We are working with local and national decision makers to directly start influencing young people’s services
  • We are getting other organisations on board to commit to ensuring young people’s mental health is central to their work

Young Minds Matter is a new series designed to lead the conversation with children about mental and emotional health, so youngsters feel loved, valued and understood. Launched with Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge as guest editor, we will discuss problems, causes and most importantly solutions to the stigma surrounding the UK’s mental health crisis amongst children.


Helping young people and families relearn essential skills, including mentalizing, to help improve a child’s ability to develop and sustain relationships.

As part of Mental Health Week 2014, Student Minds invite students to discuss their personal experiences of Mental Health particularly during their time at Cambridge University.



British Association of Art Therapists

Anna Freud Centre

The Anna Freud Centre is committed to improving the emotional well-being of children and young people.  They provide treatments and services that work for young people who are suffering from mental health problems.


Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition

14 charities with a growing base of supporters who are passionate about the wellbeing of the UK’s children and young people.

Through the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition charities come together and speak as one on behalf of children and young people’s mental health. The Coalition was launched in the House of Lords in March 2010 and is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation.

Right Here Brighton and Hove

A support Guide for parents or carers who are wondering or concerned about a young person’s mental health or emotional well-being


London Art Therapy Centre

Art Therapy London

Royal Collage of pediatrics and Child Health

Centre for Mental Health

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

The Trust was set up in 1998 in memory of Charlie Waller, a young man who committed suicide whilst suffering from depression. Shortly after his death, his family founded the Trust in order to educate young people on the importance of staying mentally well and how to do so.

Students against Depression


Art Therapy Online (ATOL)

An international, peer-reviewed, open access and index linked journal that addresses theory, practice and research in relation to art therapy as it is known and understood around the world.

ATOL publishes contributions by practitioners who engage with different kinds of therapeutically oriented, art-based work in health and disability services and social, educational and criminal justice systems in different countries. The social, political and visual context of such practice not only shapes its nature but also influences how the discipline develops. ATOL aims to capture and critically engage with this diversity and so address the multi-cultural development of the visual arts in therapeutic work around the world.

Kids Company and The Anna Freud Centre

Kids Company’s many years of experience has shown that intensive and long-term work with children and young people reduces emotional and behavioural difficulties including self-harm, substance misuse and aggression.

University of Sussex

Professor David Fowler is the research chair in children and young people’s mental health.

SPRIG – The Sussex Psychosis Research interest Group (SPRiG) incorporates clinical and academic researchers within the University of SussexBrighton and Sussex Medical School and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The SPRiG group is part of the Clinical and Developmental research group at the University of Sussex.

Current research includes the contribution of genetics, neuroimaging, psychological processes, health and social contexts to psychosis and well-being outcomes; the development of new psychological therapies, including third wave CBT and computer-based therapies; understanding and addressing childrens’ and adolescents’ attitudes to psychosis, to promote positive non-stigmatising schema; and earlier engagement in help seeking.


Fraiberg S, Adelson E, Shapiro V (1975). Ghosts in the nursery. A psychoanalytic approach to the problems of impaired infant-mother relationships. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry,14(3), 387-421.

Dominik Havsteen-Franklin, Overcoming Challenges Together. Art Psychotherapy with Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Mental Health Services, ATOL: Art Therapy Online, 5 (1), 2014

Overcoming Organisational Challenges Together

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