What I offer and cost?

What I offer

I offer one to one art therapy and/ or yoga therapy sessions in person in Hove at Upstairs@Six

I work with adults and young people. 


If you are interested in discussing what I might be able to offer please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Art Therapy Sessions are on a sliding scale £55-£75 for a 50 minute session

Yoga Therapy Sessions are on a sliding scale of £35- £45. Sessions are usually an hour (prices until September 2023)

Group Art Therapy Sessions

The level of fee is negotiated with the organisation and will vary depending on the needs of the organisation and how many clients you would like me to work with. I can negotiate a day rate. Additional time needed to conduct client assessments or to attend meetings will be charged at the appropriate individual rate as outline above.

Group Art Therapy (includes 1.5 hours face-to-face contact and 30 minutes setting up, clearing up and writing reports/ notes) £155 (per group).


£350- £450 per day

As a freelance consultant I specialise in children and young people’s participation; this includes developing effective processes and structures to enable young people’s voices to be listened to, heard and taken seriously.

I am interested in further developing this work within health and school settings to enable patients and students to get involved in decision-making that affects all aspects of their lives and wellbeing. Getting involved is itself a means of building resilience, self-esteem and positive mental health. I work with organisations to build participation and to evaluate project and programmes of work. For more information about my experience as a freelance consultant and what I offer please click on the link below.

Saskia Neary consultancy info 2014

I abide by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Standards of Conduct, Performance, and Ethics, and the BAAT Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Practice, and other statutory requirements. Both HCPC and BAAT guidelines support and inform my practice.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To maintain State Registration, Art Therapists are required by the Health and Care Professions Council to undertake CPD. CPD activity comes under the general headings of clinical, creative, academic, and organisational. Current information on requirements can be accessed through the BAAT website www.baat.org

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a regular time set aside for an art therapist with a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner, when the art therapy process and the therapeutic relationship with the client is thought about. Clinical supervision is embedded in the BAAT Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Practice and is intrinsic to good practice.

If clinical supervision is being paid for or supplied by the employer, its frequency should be indicated in the contract. Clinical supervision should be provided according to BAAT Supervision Guidelines with the frequency recommended for the particular client group, and according to the experience of the art therapist.

Self-employed art therapists usually make their own arrangements for supervision.

Managerial Supervision

Managerial supervision addresses work-loads and case management etc. It is not the same as clinical supervision. Frequency of managerial supervision should be specified.

Equal Opportunities in Employment

I work within my employers’ guidelines on Equal Opportunities, and within local authority and statutory policies e.g. The RRAA (Race Relations Amendment Act 2000). 

Good practice framework 

I work within a framework which adheres to good practice in this field of work. The key elements of this framework are:

  • The views, experiences and participation of all children, young people and adults will be treated with respect
  • Confidentiality/anonymity will be respected, unless there is a child protection issue and I am alerted to cases of abuse or potential abuse/harm
  • Data protection laws will be adhered to
  • Any health, safety and personal security issues will be taken into consideration in all work
  • All participants will be provided with clear information regarding the aims of art therapy
  • I work within guidelines of anti-discriminatory practice

My background 

I have worked for over 15 years as an independent consultant specialising in Children and Young People’s Participation: creative arts, evaluation, research, policy and training. I have extensive experience of working directly with children, young people, strategic decision-makers at the local and national level, as well as project development, evaluation, management and training experience. 

I have worked directly with children and young people from diverse backgrounds in the design and delivery of projects, and in participative and creative methods of planning and evaluation. I bring a high level of expertise, sensitivity and awareness of issues relating to the empowerment of children and young people, the effects of disadvantage on engagement, and the practical application of diversity and good practice. I am particularly interested in working towards understanding emotional well being and mental health issues affecting young people, supporting their decision-making, developing confidence and self esteem.

My combination of skills and experience covers key areas of art therapy, training, evaluation methodology and implementation, participation strategies and direct work with children and young people within the wider context of youth involvement in voluntary sector organisations, local and national government, schools and colleges.


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